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Seller Advantages, Pricing and Marketing

In today's market, the keys to successful selling are pre-market preparation, proper pricing and aggressive marketing. When you list your home with me, the first step is to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the home. We can then plan strategies to emphasis the strong points and, if necessary, improve the "curb appeal." Depending on the property, this can be as simple as a thorough cleaning and some gardening (i.e. for a property marketed as a " fixer upper") or as complex as remodeling, meticulous maintenance, staging and fresh flowers (i.e. for a turn key luxury property). In every case, the goal is the same... net you, the seller, the most amount of money for your property. PRICING: Pricing strategy is crucial, and requires consummate knowledge of the market. Many factors may influence price, including comparable sold properties, competing available properties, market supply and demand, etc. More subtle factors may be work as well: is the property a high end trophy property where affluent buyers may be willing to pay a premium, is it on a wet beach versus a more desirable sandy beach, is it one of a disappearing breed of fixer uppers on a stretch of beach where everything is turnkey and selling for top dollar, is it a fixer upper with huge upside potential, is it a probate where the buyer must wait for court approval then risk losing the property to overbid... these subtle factors may influence just how much (or how little) a buyer is willing to pay. One thing is for sure, in today's Malibu market, where demand is surging and inventory is low, if your house isn't selling it is probably overpriced. Whereas, if your house is priced right, it is going to sell quickly, maybe even before it hits the market or in multiple offers where you can pick and chose the most qualified buyer. MARKETING: Once the house is ready and an appropriate sales price set, the marketing machine begins. Typically, I employ a very aggressive marketing strategy to reach the broadest possible range of buyers. As the saying goes "... when buyers compete, you win." However, at the very high end where discretion and confidentiality are often of utmost importance, usually a well placed phone call or two will get the home sold right away. The first step is to carefully analyze your property to determine specific target markets appropriate to affect its sale. Only then, do we design an individualized marketing plan to accomplish that goal. In general, all of my marketing strategies include: Professional photography Input into local Multiple Listing Services A local, national and international media campaign (See sample print ad), including but not limited to advertisements in The Malibu Times, Los Angeles Times, Homes & Land Magazine, Distinctive Homes Magazine, and various high end publications Inclusion on this web site, as well as many others including (the No. 1 real estate web site in the world),Westside Estate Agency's websites, L.A., and MLS affiliated web sites "Just Listed" post card mailers E-mail post cards Aggressive inter-agent networking, including pitches at office meetings, personal calls to other top-producing agents, etc. Broker/Agent caravans A posted For Sale Sign Sunday Open Houses, if desired All showings by personal appointment only, no lock boxes Full color promotional brochures... and more I may also suggest a mailing to your personal mailing list as friends and colleagues may often have an interest in your home or neighborhood. Depending on your goals, we will adjust our strategy accordingly so that all of our marketing efforts meet your needs and exceed your expectations. OUR GOAL IS YOUR GOAL: Net you the greatest amount of money... in the shortest amount of time!


Real Estate Credentials
  • RSPS - Resort and Second Home Property Specialist